What Are the Best Mild Cigars?

What are the best mild cigars?

The best mild cigars or best selling mild cigars are not always the well known or “been around for 100 years” cigars. They can be brand new cigars that just hit the market. I like to give those “new” brands a shot at pleasing.

So here’s my pics for best mild cigars…

ACID Kuba Kuba – I simply love ACID cigars and they are a new comer to the industry too. This is a fantastic premium high quality stick with earth shattering flavor. This is a mild cigar but those that smoke it tend to speak of it with serious intensity. They’re very passionate about ACID cigars. The Kuba Kuba is an infused cigar. Flavors and aromas are infused into the tobacco via exotic oils, herbs and essences. If you leave tobacco in a confined area with aromatic florals and oils, the aroma and flavor will migrate to the tobacco leaves. The same is done with bourbon and rum. The Nicaraguan tobacco is top notch, mild and flavorful. The infusion just adds icing on the cake. It’s not overpowering nor boring. These are wonderful cigars and very reasonably priced.

Rocky Patel American Market Selection – Rocky Patel is more well known for some serious medium to full bodied smokes. The Market Selection is a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan long filler tobacco wrapped with a nice light Connecticut wrapper. This makes it one sweet, creamy and very MILD stick. Rocky Patel cigars are top sellers and very popular. It’s a hand rolled cigar with top quality tobacco. It’s a smooth smoke with great draw and burn. You just can’t beat this one.

Oliva Connecticut Reserve – Oliva cigars are some of the very best in the world. The Connecticut Reserve is smooth, mellow and creamy. How’s that? When I see that, I usually end up trying it. You get more too…rich, earthy flavor that’s not too strong or weak. These are beautiful well made cigars and a delight to smoke after dinner or anytime. Try one out now.

Macanudo Cafe –  this is the ideal starter cigar. It’s also perfect for just about any occasion or any reason to smoke a cigar. This is a very mild Dominican with a fantastic Connecticut shade wrapper. This is definitely a Top 5 mild cigar. It’s been around since the 1800’s and is still a pleaser. A must try…you won’t regret it.

Ashton Classic –  a sweet and creamy smoke…it doesn’t get any better than that. The Dominican filler is very flavorful but not too bold. The Connecticut shade wrapper is buttery smooth and not too veiny in texture. This is a premium, handmade cigar with excellent draw and burn. It’s a joy to smoke and will make you relax and smile without even knowing it. Excellent aroma before and after the light. Get some now!

CAO Gold – mild, some sweetness and a touch of cocoa…I like it already. This mellow tasting blend is derived from the vintage Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. The light Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is the reason for the sweetness and cocoa. It’s a Premo wrapper and quite flavorful even though it is mild. This is just a wonderful smoke. The price is ridiculous at only $2 and some change for one of these bad boys. These are worth twice that and are better than most $5 cigars. They come in a really nice cedar box too. Very classy indeed.

Sweet Cigars for Beginners

Sweet Cigars for Beginners

Here’s my pick of Sweet Cigars for beginners

Ashton Aged Maduro – Ashton is a very famous and popular brand. You can never go wrong with an Ashton. They are hand rolled to perfection and always sport a good draw. The Aged Maduro is a mild to medium bodied stick with plenty of richness and sweetness. The oily Connecticut wrapper is full of flavor and has a nice sweetness to it plus a bit of nuttiness.. The smoke is creamy and delightful. Chocolate and coffee flavors abound from this beautiful cigar. There’s also a bit of spice lingering among the bold flavors. This is simply an exciting smoke that’s never boring or uneventful. You gotta snag one of these gems.

John T’s Cigars – these are lighter bodied cigars and a real pleasure to smoke. Not too bold and certainly not boring. I really like these. Here’s the best part, well one of the best, the tip of the cigar is dipped in Rum and Honey. Now that’s a sweet touch and I do love sweets. Here’s something unique about John T’s cigars…they are rolled with aromatic flavored pipe tobacco. Now this is why these things taste so good. Pipe tobacco is very flavorful and smells heavenly. It’s good stuff! There are several flavors available: Vanilla, Chocolate Strawberry Daiquiri, Cherry and Cream, Peach Whiskey and Rum & Coke. Call them Dessert Sticks. Just try one.

Camacho Triple Maduro – this is a medium bodied cigar that is not artificially flavored. The sweetness comes directly from the tobacco. Tobacco leaves produce sugar during the photosynthesis process. The more light they receive the more sweetness. The sweetness in these comes in the form of chocolate. First you’ll get hit with some serious spice and then a little later the chocolate will roll in. Eventually the chocolate will coat your mouth and convince you mind that you’re eating a chocolate pastry. Quite delightful indeed.

CAO Moontrance – Do you like Bourbon and Vanilla? Who doesn’t???? This is a specialty or exotic tasting cigar and unlike any other. It’s also holding some fruit and honey essences for a nice surprise. It really has some fantastic flavors. It’s very easy to smoke and perfect for the beginner. This is a premium and well constructed cigar and at a very good price. The draw is good and burn is straight. A really great cigar.

Cuban Delights Corona Rum – the Dominican tobacco is flavored with some very lovely Cherry Rum which turns an ordinary cigar into a tasty dessert. The tobacco is aged in Rum barrels to infuse the flavor into the leaves. It’s a truly amazing process. Cherry Rum is absolutely delightful. It’s sweet and aromatic. These are hand rolled premium cigars with a great draw and burn. Try them now!

Perdomo 12 Year Vintage Maduro – again the tobacco is aged in Bourbon barrels for about 30 days. This really pushes the Bourbon flavor into the leaves. It’s fantastic! These Maduro’s will present your mouth with substantial sweet cocoa and chocolate….then get ready for a good belt of Bourbon. It’s like a double shot. These are premium cigars rolled with only the best tobacco. This Maduro wrapper is a killer!