How Much Do Cohiba Cigars Cost?

How much do Cohiba cigars cost?

Most Cohiba brands cost between $9 – $22 per cigar depending on the size and quantity. You may be able to buy a single or you may have to buy a pack of 5 or box of 20. It depends on the supplier.

Here are some examples of Cohiba prices as of 8/16/2017.

Cohiba Black Churchill Maduro – $20 each

Cohiba Blue Churchill EMS – $9 each

Cohiba Dominica Churchill EMS – $21 each

Cohiba Macassar Double Corona – $21 each

Cohiba Nicaragua N50 – $12 each

What is the Best Cohiba Cigar?

What is the best Cohiba cigar?

That really depends on an individual’s taste, just like wines. All of the Cohiba brands are excellent but each has its own taste. Many people are really starting to go for the Dominican Cohiba over the Cuban.

Cigars inherit their taste from the soil and the tobacco leaf preparation. No two soils are identical and so no two cigars taste the same. I read that some tobacco leaves are left in Rum barrels during the aging process. The leaves will take on some of the spice flavor from the Rum. Cohiba tobacco is typically aged for 3-5 years and is the highest quality.

Anyway, it’s really an individual taste and you really have to get a sampler pack and try several Cohibas. Here are the different brands of Cohibas: Cohiba Dominican, Cohiba Nicaraguan, Cohiba Blue, Cohiba Micassar and Cohiba Black. All of them are the very finest cigars with medium to full body and are very smooth to draw.

Here is just one of the many Cohiba sampler packs available.

Here is what you get in this sampler pack.

  • 2 Cohiba Nicaragua Robusto
  • 2 Cohiba Red Dot Robusto
  • 1 Winter Collection Toro
  • 1 Rocky Patel Dominion Robusto Maduro
  • 1 Rocky Patel Olde World Connecticut Toro
  • 1 Rocky Patel Decade Sumatra