How to Roll a Cigar – Wrapper Only

How to Roll a Cigar – Wrapper Only

If you don’t think much about hand rolled cigars then watch this video. You will appreciate one much more. It takes a lot of steps to hand roll a cigar and some skills. It’s not an easy task. And this is only the cigar wrapper.

Cuban Cigar Roller in Action Video

Hand rolling a cigar sounds relatively easy. I mean how difficult is it to bunch some tobacco leaves together and then roll a leaf around them?

Well….it’s a little more complicated then that and this is why it takes years for a person to become a good cigar roller.

First you start with some filler which is torn to the right size and bunched together. You have to know the right amount of filler and know how tight to bunch it together. Then a Binder is used to hold the filler together and shape the cigar. You roll the cigar on a board to tighten the binder and shape the cigar. Now you select a wrapper and cut it to size and then wrap the binder. It takes a lot of practice to get it right.

Take note of how much time it takes to make one cigar.

Watch this video of a professional cigar roller.