What is the Proper Humidity for a Humidor?

The proper humidity for a cigar humidor is about 70% but a range of 65-75% is acceptable.

Too much humidity will cause cigars to swell and possibly mold. Too little or low humidity will cause cigars to dry out and possibly crack. Dry cigars will not taste good and if the wrapper is cracked, the cigar will be unsmokeable.

Use humidor packs to maintain the correct humidity. It’s the easiest way. When the pack is dried out just replace it.

My Homemade Cigar Humidor

Here it is…my homemade cigar humidor. I bought the food container on Amazon.com to use for my lunches. It has a good sealeble/locking lid and will accommodate about 15 cigars plus the humidity pack. If you want budget…this is it. I think I paid about $2.50 for the container.

To make your own cigar humidor, all you need is a good sealable plastic container and a humidor pack.