JR Cigars Customer Service

I want to tell everyone about customer service and specifically from JR CIgars. Customer service as you know is very important to consumers. If customer service is poor, business will suffer plus I will look for another supplier. I do not tolerate poor customer service if I don’t have to.

I bought a sampler pack of 10 cigars from JR Cigars about a month ago. The cigar selection and price was superb. I ordered the sampler pack and it arrived in a few days via Express Mail. I was very pleased with the order with the exception of one cigar which was a Rock Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon. It had 2 cracks in the wrapper, one by the foot and the other towards the cap. The cracks made this cigar un-smokable.

So what do I do?

First I contacted Rock Patel via email. About 4 minutes later, I got an email from the Vice President of Marketing at Rocky Patel. Wow…that was really fast!! Anyway, he told me to contact JR Cigars and request a replacement. I then emailed JR Cigars and told them about the cracked cigar. I received several emails from JR Cigars updating me on the status of my request. About a week later I received a package from JR Cigars. When I opened the box, I found not 1 replaced cigar but a whole 10 cigar sampler. Is that not amazing????

JR Cigars sent me another 10 cigar sampler!!!! OK….that’s freaking Awesome!!!!

I have to say JR Cigars is my kind of supplier. Great prices and “over the top” customer service.

I highly recommend them.

Cigar Sampler 10 Pack

I bought a sampler pack from JR Cigars last week for $29 and was totally delighted with the selection. 2 of the cigars that I just had to get were the Black Abyss and the Boneshaker….they’re real “killers” …ha ha.

I’m keeping them in my travel humidor for now. The Black Abyss is on the left while the Boneshaker is on the right. These 2 are markedly bold or Full Body smokes and will get your attention. These are powerhouses.

That Thunderdome is going to be a real “Blast” to light up…and not on a full stomach either. These beauties have some really awesome labels. Look at the detail…incredible.

They all have Maduro or dark wrappers which are much bolder than the lighter Connecticut and/or EMS wrappers.

These are from the Dark Side…