Acme Cigars Route 66 Hot Rod

Acme cigars used to be an American cigar company many years ago…late 19th century. The original Acme company went under but the name has been resurrected by the good folks at NACSA or Nicaraguan American Cigars SA. There are 3 lines of Acme cigars, Acme Premier Ecuador, Acme Premier San Andreas and Acme Route 66.

Let’s talk about the Route 66 line. These Hot Rod’s sport a naturally aspirated filler blend consisting of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Mexican. Nice high octane fuel huh? The binder is a premo Criollo wrapped by a bold and racy Ecuador Habano leaf. There’s plenty of horsepower in these babies and once you light one off, you’re in for a wild ride. The power curve is very smooth and brisk.OK….it’s just a great tasting cigar!

The Route 66 ring label is cool as hell. Get some!! They retail for about $5 per rod…I mean cigar.