Best Mild Bodied Cigars

Best Mild Bodied Cigars for 2017

Here’s my picks….

Romeo y Julieta Vintage – mellow to mild bodied but very flavorful. These are hand rolled with Dominican fillers, a Mexican binder and a wonderful Ecuadorian Connecticut light brown wrapper. Romeo y Julieta has been rolling cigars the same way for over 20 years and they do it right. Construction, draw and burn are right on the spot. All strength smokers will find these enjoyable. Some stated that these are luxury cigars without the luxury price. These go for $6.00 per stick depending on the size. What a bargain. Many call these they’re “Go To Cigar”. Get 25 in a really nice cedar box. Sweet!

Alec Bradley American Classic – Mellow and Creamy…yummy. That’s the type of cigar I love. This stick is a fantastic blend that keeps you invigorated but relaxed. The aged Nicaraguan long filler is complex and exceptionally smooth. The Honduran Connecticut wrapper brings you a nice cedar aroma. It’s totally refreshing. These are handmade with the finest tobacco. Total premiums for only about $4.00. That’s crazy! If you’re a beginner…try these. They’re da bomb.

Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 – mellow to medium bodied with great flavor. These are hand rolled with Dominican long filler, a Dominican binder and a very nice medium brown Cameroon wrapper. Arturo Fuente makes some really fine sticks and has been pleasing folks for decades and he hasn’t stopped. The construction and draw are good and price too…at $5.00. You really can’t go wrong with these. They’re not too strong nor weak.

Asylum Schizo – this is flat out affordable luxury at its best. A premium boutique cigar at a cigarette price tag. It’s sick. But I love them. I can’t believe these are only a little over $2.00!!!! These are delicious Nicaraguan Puro’s at their finest. Simply a fantastic smoke for an everyday treat. It’s all Nicaraguan tobacco and aged to perfection. Many say these are the “Best Budget cigars” around. The flavor is rich and a little complex with hints of coffee and chocolate. It’s a good 50-60 minute smoke. If you want a little stronger profile, try the Maduro wrapper. It’s got some kick.