Cain Daytona Cigars

Cain Daytona Cigars

Cain Daytona is a new line/blend of tasty cigars from the famous Oliva family. Oliva makes some of the finest cigars in the world. Premo tobacco from the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua makes these sticks mild but extremely flavorful. You can smoke one of these on an empty stomach. I like cigars that don’t make me dizzy and nauseous.

The wrapper is a mild Habano delight that keeps this stick smooth and mellow while the long leaf Ligero filler brings forth the bold flavors of spice, coffee and some sweetness. It’s a medium bodied smoke but quite mild on the strength index.

Cains are handmade with excellent construction and draw. A real delight to smoke. These are a $4 stick and well worth it.

Cain Daytona’s are great for beginners or novices alike. There’s plenty of flavor for the seasoned smoker but doesn’t hit you like a Mack truck like some medium to full bodied cigars, so beginners will enjoy these too.

Try some…