Cuban Cigar Factory Vintage Cigars

Cuban Cigar Factory Vintage Cigars – San Diego, California.

The Cuban Cigar Factory is a true small batch cigar factory with some truly fantastic smokes. If you’re looking for some really unique cigars and unique blends/flavors then small batch cigars are the ticket. These are ultra high quality, hand rolled cigars. They are quite different from high production cigars. There are only 2 cigar rollers in the San Diego factory that are allowed to roll Vintage cigars. That’s how fussy they are.

Cuban Cigar Factory Vintage cigars feature hand selected long leaf fillers that have aged for 7 years. That’s some premo flavor for sure. Only the finest binders and wrappers are used. Top notch all the way. After the Vintage cigars are rolled, they are dated and then aged in a huge Humidor. The tobacco blends integrate for some unique experiences. The flavors are well balanced and never overpowering. You won’t get the same experience from other cigars.