Santiago Cigar Factory – New York

The Santiago Cigar Factory is a very small factory located in Rochester, New York. Santiago cigars are low production, high quality cigars that can be custom blended while you wait. There is a cigar lounge in the back where people can light up a stogie, relax and watch some sports. It’s a very cozy and cute factory with a great section of sticks in their humidor. If you’re in New York, check it out.

My Father Cigar Factory Tour

My Father cigars are super premiums and are some of the finest available. If you have never tried one, you need to.

The My Father cigar factory is a little more modern than other cigar factories. Some parts of the factory and equipment are newer construction.

The cigar box making facility is particularly interesting. The cedar boxes are handmade and look amazing. They take raw lumber and mill it down in thickness and then cut it to size.

Watch some of the cigar rollers….they look like they could roll a cigar with his/her eyes closed.

Partagas Cigar Factory Cuba

The Partagas Cigar Factory produces over 5 million cigars annually and is located in Cuba. It was founded in 1845 and makes cigars the exact same way as over 170 years ago.

Most positions in the Partagas cigar factory require at least 9 months training. Quality control is of the utmost importance and is monitored throughout the cigar production process. Production jobs in the factory pay much more than other labor jobs in Cuba.

The end result…a fine box of premium Havana cigars.. more like a work of art for a coffee table display than to light up. Very impressive.