Good Cigars Under $10

Good Cigars Under $10

Here’s my personal picks…

Gurkha Evil – If you’re a full-strength, powerhouse, punch lover then the Gurka Evil is a demon stick made just for you. It’s a premium hand rolled cigar with aged to perfection Nicaraguan long filler bound by a dark, oily Brazilian coat. This stick has some serious power and will storm your mouth with a punch. There’s nothing mild about this C4 stick. Powerful… yes, but a very flavorful punch. It’s a delicious smoke that will enchant your senses. The construction, draw and burn is unparalleled by even more expensive cigars and this one is at $7.00 and some change. Gurkha cigars are some of the finest in the world. These are Evil and you won’t want to stop smoking them…they’ll drain you…of your money. Get one now!

H. Upmann 1844 Reserve – medium to full bodied with some spice. H. Upmann are handmade cigars featuring a very nice aged and blended long filler from the Dominican Republic. The Nicaraguan binder adds some spice to the experience and is welcomed. I’ve always enjoyed a slightly spicy smoke. It keeps you entertained. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is superb and brings us some nuttiness to the experience. This is an exquisite tobacco leaf and is rolled to perfection…not too tight and not loose. This is a well praised stick globally and deservedly so. You get a premo cigar for about $7.00 and that’s quite the steal.

Padron Series 2000 – medium to full bodied with Maduro or Natural wrappers….you choose. These are premium hand rolled sticks with Cuban-seed tobaccos aged for 3 years before rolling. You’ll find them perfectly seasoned with complex flavors that are interesting. No boring smokes here. These beauties received a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado. That’s pretty amazing! Smokers found them smooth, medium bodied and a creamy smoke. The ratings are 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from over 150 people. These wonderful chimney sticks run about $6.00 a piece and are well worth it or more. If you want more robusto flavor, get the Maduro’s in lieu of the Natural wrapper. You gotta try one.

CAO Flathead Carb Maduro Cigars

CAO Flathead Carb Maduro cigars are crafted with the Hot Rod enthusiasts in mind. I love the marketing designs. Awesome!

These Flatheads are box pressed and have a flat side just like the engine heads from the 60’s. Simply ingenious. The Nicaraguan long leaf fillers are bold and beautiful. The Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper is a high octane boost for this Flathead. Maduro wrappers are powerful and aromatic. If you want a flavor kick, Maduro will fill ignite your cylinders. It packs quite a punch. The Nicaraguan blend is potent but not overpowering. There is a very smooth draw with white, creamy smoke.

Priced at $147/box of 25

Here are some comments from cigar aficionados.

“Wow! Great flavor, smells good. This is a well constructed stick. Box pressed shape for large cigar is more comfortable than round. Have to use punch cutter instead of regular. Will restock more very soon.”

“This is a fantastic smoke strong aromatic robust was the box press feel it’s one of my favorite single cigars to smoke and I can never go wrong with this one.”

“Great cigar with notes of earth, cocoa, and a just a touch of spice. It has become my go-to cigar for the golf course because it lasts a long time and is a fantastic value when you buy them by the box.”


601 Blue Label Maduro Cigars

601 Blue Label Maduro cigars are brought to you by the brilliant tobacco chef, Erik Espinosa. These hand rolled beauties come straight from Honduras where some the best and most robust flavored tobacco is cultivated. The 601 line of cigars are true premiums and the addition of this Maduro keeps the tradition true… or raises the bar? Only the best long leaf fillers are used from a small specialty Honduran tobacco farm. Only the best binders and wrappers make the cut. The Maduro wrapper is a masterpiece of oils and flavor…dark, bold espresso accentuated with a slight toastiness and an earthy hint. A bundle of spices will enchant your senses while a sweetness teases your tongue. It’s a heavenly smoke. The smoke is creamy and light with an aroma that relaxes ones mind.