What’s the Best Cigar Under $5?

What’s the best cigar under $5?

This is of course is purely subjective and there are NO BAD cigars just ones that taste different or unfavorable, if you will. Everyone has his/her favorites and one cigar will never be everyone’s favorite.

Anyway, Nicaraguan cigars seem to be some of the best today. The Nicaraguan tobacco is sweet and spicy with a variety of undertones from cocoa to cedar to coffee. They are top sellers online and in cigar shops. You really cannot beat them and the prices are even better.

Here is my pick…

La Aroma De Cuba Robusto – this is an excellent reincarnation of the 19th century Cuban cigar brand. This a a top quality handmade stick by the Garcia family. The Nicaraguan long filler blend is very rich and spicy. There’s nothing quite like it. The wrapper is a chocolatey Connecticut Broadleaf and is soooo enjoyable. The aroma is fantastic. This Robusto is a full bodied smoke with a perfect smooth draw. This modern day classic cigar is unbeatable at twice the price. It sells for under $5 when purchased in a box.

Best Cigar Under $3

What’s the best cigar under $3.00?

Here’s my pick…

Hands down the most favored/best cigar under $3.00….(there were not many choices at this low price mark) is the Quorum Classic Toro at $2.20 per stick. Can you believe that?

Quorum Classic Toro – This is a real gem and worth twice the price or even more. The Nicaraguan long filler is premo and wrapped by a wonderful Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper. You get a mellow, rich nutty taste that leaves a big smile on your face. This is a hand rolled premium constructed cigar that is unmatched at under $3.00 per stick. It has a nice sweet aroma that will send your mind adrift. This is a really good cigar for beginners or novices alike. It’s full of flavor but will not belt you in the mouth with fire and spice. These are bundled in packs of 20 cigars for about $45.00. There’s no way you can beat that!

Oh… and I forgot these are Toro sized or 6×50’s and not miniature cigars. These are BIG and TASTY. You will love them. Get a bundle now.