Best Mild Cuba Cigars 2017

Best Mild Cuban Cigars for 2017

Here’s my picks for best mild Cuban cigars….

JR Cuban Alternative – JR Cigars has cigars made to their recipe by the big brand cigar companies and for a fraction of the cost. You get top quality big name cigars but not the big name price tag. It doesn’t get any better than that. This cigar is said to be the CLOSEST thing to a real Cuban cigar without traveling to Havana. It’s a 7×48 stick and medium to full bodied. And the price is right at $5.00 each.

H. Upmann Half Corona – at half the length of a Corona and 44 ring gauge, this is a shorty Cubano lasting about a good 40 minutes. And it’s a fantastic 40 minutes too. A full body stick with lots of bold cedar and spice flavors that will keep you entertained. All handmade and perfect construction and draw. A very nice cigar for only about $6.

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1 – a medium strength cigar with a really nice dark and oily wrapper. It feeds you aromas of coffee, chocolate and earthiness. Juan Lopez offers some of the very finest cigars. Hand rolled with the finest tobaccos. These sticks are top notch. They retail for about $8.00 each.

Portages Serie D No. 4 – this is often touted as the best Cuban cigar outside of Cuba. It’s a full bodied stick that is most likely better for the seasoned smoker. You’ll experience some serious herbal aromas along with a nutty, leathery and earthy finish. The end  does seem to get a bit stronger than the start, so be prepared. The Portages Serie D No. 4 sells for about $12. A really flavorful and bold smoke.

Real Cuban Cigar or a Fake?

Is it a real Cuban cigar or a fake?

Learn how to tell them apart. It’s not that hard but you have to know what to look for on the box.

First you look at the cigar box and the labels. There are 2 labels that are critical. First the Republic De Cuba label and the Habanos label and they must be in the right positions otherwise it’s fake. The Republic De Cuba label must be green ink on a white background. There is a hologram on the right side of the label and a barcode (with a number) on the left side. The number found on the barcode can be verified online at Also, the labels must not be broken when you receive it.

Here is  video that will clearly show you what to look for on a box of Cuban cigars.

What are the Best Cuban Cigars for Beginners?

What are the Best Cuban Cigars for Beginners?

Oliva Serie G Churchill Maduro – claimed to be the ultimate Cuban cigar for the beginner. It’s a very mild and light bodied cigar. Oliva’s originate from the Vuelta Arriba region and are priced very well. They sell for about $7 each or a box of 24 for $135

Montecristo No. 4 Double Corona Connecticut – ahhh yes… the Monte No 4. This is absolutely the most popular cigar in the world. And righteously so. It’s the king of cigars. These are the “Standard” by which all cigars are judged. The Monte No 4 is known for its spicy flavor and smooth draw. They sell for about $11 per stick. Well worth it too.

Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto – these are very mild cigars made Habana style. They are a medium size cigar at 4.5 x 50. They have a super smooth draw and a sweet, creamy taste initially. Truly wonderful cigar. It sells for $4.10. You can’t go wrong with this stick.

There are many good Cuban cigars for the beginner. The critical part of selecting a Cuban cigar for the beginner is to look for a mild bodied cigar. The medium to full bodies will be too much for the beginner. Also stay away from the smaller cigars. They will be too strong.