Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Natural Review

Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Natural Cigar Review

OK…these are ultra premium cigars with 10 year aged Nicaraguan tobacco. These are perfect for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc.

Padron Family cigars are very high quality and construction with amazing flavor…..AND CREAMY. These should be called DESSERT cigars. Family Reserve 50’s are mild/medium bodied with light pepper, leather and spices but never overpowering. This is a SMOOTH operator.

Most Expensive Cigar Review – $750

So how does the most expensive or a $750 cigar taste? Let’s find out.

Let’s watch a cigar pro review the $750 Gurkha His Majesty Reserve Churchill cigar. The beginning is kind of funny because the cigar will not come out of the glass tube. It’s stuck.

What is the Best Cigar for a Celebration?

What is the Best Cigar for a Celebration?

There are two schools of thought on this.

  1. A celebration is a special occasion and deserves a special cigar, one that will be remembered. So you might want to get some special limited run cigars. Cigars that you just can’t buy everyday. Here are some examples.

Macanudo Estate Reserve – rare tobacco blends and limited runs. You can’t smoke these all the time so they are special.

Punch Rare Conojo – the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper is rare and a real treat. A limited number of boxes are sold in the Spring of every year. These are snatched up very quickly.

2. The second school of thought is that some of your guests may be new to cigars or may not smoke at all but might want to try one with you. So you might want to buy some very mild cigars. If you buy full bodied cigars, it may be too much for them. The perfect mild cigar for newbies would be the CAO Gold Vintage. These will be a good experience for them.